University female student shares awkward incident

University female student shares very awkward incident happened to her when she missed her bus point once. According to her, she could not reach at time to get her bus service when she was busy in her practical practice in the lab and she had to go home by getting public transport.

According to her, she was waiting for public transport when she got one van which looked very upgraded than any other local bus services. Driver stopped the vehicle near to her and asked her to come inside if she wanted to go at her home.

According to female student, driver was as confident as she would go in the same route where he was going with other passengers. She did not wait and went inside the van which was totally luxurious. She firstly thanked god as she could never get such kind of luxurious van if she missed it.

Then after passing some time she started to feel as she had done wrong with herself. She shared the whole story as she was getting very strange behavior from other passengers. All were quiet and not speaking even females were also quiet. According to her, it looked as all were demons which frightened her too much.

She further told as everybody was engrossed in his/her work and the whole atmosphere of the bus was completely different. She was completely confused and started to wait for her stop anxiously. According to her, nobody was stepped down at any stop from university stop to her home amazingly.

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