Shark and man friendly relation amazes to whole world

Shark and man friendly relation amazes to whole world when it was also taped by him. It can be seen in the video how clearly man is touching to shark and it is also giving him some expression which is not dangerous. Shark also opens her mouth widely and tries to show something inside.

Talking about shark, it would definitely world’s danger animal in sea creature. Everybody knows very well about its nature in the water and even out of water. It never spares to anybody whenever it saw especially to human being in the water. To attack is its nature and without it seems nothing.

There are many kinds of fishes in seawater but shark is the only one which has its frightening effect over everything inside and outside of water. All analysts who often go down in seawater for having their experiments they always took precautionary measurement to save themselves from shark attacks.

There are also many incident happened on seashore in which shark has been succeeded to get its prey in the form of human beings. It has left so many parents and children in weeping condition when it attacks on human being especially on seashore.

However, the given video is really amazing as how man has succeeded to develop very interesting relation with shark. He can also touch to it without any danger. Shark also shows him its different colors as it opens its mouth and tries to see something inside it.

Man Pets a Great White Shark 

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