Sentence would be given to accused people in grave

In the religion Islam, no one can deny from sentence in grave. It is understood in religion of Islam as followers of Islam would have sentenced not only in grave but also in the Day of Judgment. It is said by our Allah who has created all of us in this world.

According to beliefs of Muslim, man is responsible for his deeds what he does in the world. He would have to give answerable for his deeds not only on Day of Judgment but also in grave. According to sayings of Prophet, grave is first step toward Day of Judgment when one is dead he had to face that step definitely.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also said about grave as it proves as dig of hell for the sinners and garden of paradise for pious people after their demise. There are also many examples about grave as it has something different in it which is unable to see for the people of world or human being.

Some incidents also have been occurred in which people saw to open grave of one of martyrs of Pakistan Army Officers. It was the grave of one martyr. People were amazed to see when they smelled very wonderful fragrance that was coming from the grave of martyr.

After a while they got as it was grave of martyr. So it becomes clear after getting these incidents as grave is not just pile of soil.  Off course, there is a great philosophy beneath the pile that cannot be understood from the materialized people.

Snake in the Graveyard

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