Paris attack directly effects on Muslims in Europe

Undoubtedly, Paris attack is directly affecting the lives of Muslims in Europe. People have started to misbehave publicly against Muslims, especially those ones who have beard on their faces. People did not face any difficulty to find Muslim especially to females who are found in traditional Islamic dress. One of famous channel in European Union reports about the violence against Muslims since Paris attack.

According to new channel, people with the ages of 15-35 of Christian communities have started to tease to girls and women in England. According to their reports, they are usually misbehaving with the girls and women who are at the ages of 14-45. They further added as they have no to identify to women due to which females are getting targeted badly.

According to one of institution in European Union, they have noticed about 300 percent boosts in hatred against Muslims after Paris attack. They also told as it was about 115 percent before the attack but now it has bounced to extreme level.

According to news channel, Christian communities do not want to see Muslims in their countries so that they have started to irritate to Muslim women intentionally. Especially the new generations of European Union are at the front end in this regard.

On the other hand, there is no human organization which can support to those helpless people which are getting mistreated badly. It is all happening in those countries which are considered themselves fathers of humanitarianism. The whole world is silent on these tyrant activities like Kashmir and Palestine.

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