Pakistani Missile Defense Become Nightmare for India


Few months back, Pakistan Army has announced the inclusion of two new missiles in its Missile defense system. Chief of Army Staff, General Raheel Sharif has made the big announcement very proudly in his Independence Day speech at army headquarters.

New missiles in the Missile Defense system of Pakistan army, it has become the most advanced in the region. The missile technology of Pakistan can take any kind of war head. Almost every inch of enemy Territory is marked by the missile of Pakistan. General Raheel Sharif told the soldiers and the officers in his speech.

Pakistan Army is now capable of making missiles more than its needs. Many other countries have started taking serious interest in the most advance missile defense system of Pakistan. Already, General Raheel Sharif discussed the selling of many other weapons to the armies of other countries. Pakistan will start earning more money with the international trade of weapons.

People of Pakistan are very proud of Pakistan Army. The army, under the leadership of General Raheel is making Pakistan a safest place in the world. Ghauri and Hataf missiles in its missile defense, Army has also given a silent message to its enemies across the border.

Pakistan Army has totally changed the image of the Army in the minds of people. Sassily, since General Raheel has taken over as COAS, people have started trusting army once again. Best missile defense can secure the country from enemies outside but army is making ground operations against the enemies within the cities.

Pakistan and its defense power

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