Pakistani Jet That Shot Down 14 Indian Jets

Pakistan jet that shot down about 14 Indian jets in the war of 1965 against India. There were many other incidents recorded in that war of 1965 when India attacked over Pakistan in darkness secretly. Indian Army had dream to be sat in Government College University in the morning which was not completely fortunately.

They attacked when Pakistan Army was not fully prepared and not over borders. Indian Army even has been entered in the Lahore but Allah helped to country Pakistan and they had to return back. According to history, Allah put frighten in their minds as they all were being encircled and it was all the trick of enemy to encircle them. They all had to run back from their destination and they again reached at the border.

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However, in reality they had no opposition in their front and there was no trick against him. It was all the help of Allah which saved Pakistan from disastrous condition. In the war of 1965, Pakistan Air Force also took part at great level and put aside all jets of enemy. Sometimes, they also used all those jets which were declared as dead but it was the devotion and love with sacrifice for their country as pilots were got ready to fly in those jets.

They really went on those jets and attacked over enemy and also came back without any loss. There was also one group of Pakistan Air Force which was originated in 1960 and it also served in 1965 war against India. There was also one pilot who took down about four jets in 2 minutes of India who was named as M. M. Alam.

Pakistan Air Force did very well in the war of 1965 and forced to Indian army to come over table talk. They were really more in numbers but did not have devotion for death in their hearts due to which they had to face failure in their mission.

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