Pakistan Missile Technology surprises to whole world

Pakistani missile technology surprises to whole world and especially to its very next neighbor named India. Unfortunately, Pakistan could not establish wonderful relations with its very close neighbor nevertheless Pakistani Prime Minister has done its final efforts to make any pave but in vain.  In recent clash between Pakistan and India, they also tried to threat Pakistan but this time their threat has become fun for themselves.

Even their own media took their class lively when they asked them to show their nation some proofs as how they would compete with Pakistan after beginning war. They also showed mirror to its government which always told a lie about its capability about armaments. Indian media seriously were against their politicians and they were not sparing them at all after knowing the reality of capability of Indian Air Force.


On the other hand, very respectful and reverential personality named Dr. Sumar Mubarak Mand also told to one of private channel about the ability of Pakistan Missile Technology. They addressed to his Pakistani nation and asked them not to worry from any country around the world. They told to Pakistani nation about the Shaheen Missile III which has been prepared recently.

He further told to private channel host as India could not do anything as he had no option to be come at table. He further told to media as Indian has done many missile experiments in Indian oceans but no one hit to target. It is their ability of their scientists and their missiles.

He further delivered some unique information to Pakistani nation as Pakistani anti missile system is very unique and no country can compete with it from the whole world. He further said it is the main reason due to which the whole world in this effort to attack on Pakistan by any means which is not possible.

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