Pakistan Army becomes secure in Missile Defense

The Missile research and development program of Pakistan ministry of defense has achieved an amazing Missile defense to make Pakistan Safe. Missile research and development program is running under Pakistan Army and is reporting to Army Chief General Raheel Sharif.

The Missile research and development program was started in 1987 under ministry of defense to make an unbeatable target for the enemies. It was also to make Pakistan army stronger against enemies on their land. Today, Pakistan can car get any enemy in the globe, shitting right at the GHQ headquarters in Rawalpindi. General Raheel Sharif speaks to its friends and enemies with more courage.

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National Command and control Centre manages the missile defense system of Pakistan. General Raheel Sharif is solely authorized to allow the use of this amazing defense and attack system in Pakistan Army. Pakistani forces are today equipped with best surface to surface, surface to air and air to ground missiles.

The Missile research and development program of Pakistan Army is continuously increasing capability of all strategic assets. The Missile defense system has war heads that can mark Short–medium range targets accurately. Battle-range system is also capable of taking the nuclear war heads. General Raheel Sharif is monitoring the research and development program.

With the development of Cruise Missile program which was test fired by General Raheel Sharif Last year, Pakistan Army has become more strong. Missile Defense is capable is hitting the target and traveling to other countries up to Europe without getting marked by the radar.

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