Pakistan Air Force did excellent job in 1965

Pakistan Air Force did excellent job in 1965 when our neighbor country attacked on us when the whole country was sleeping except our beloved army. Nobody had any idea about the attack from Indian side but they did what they could do according to their nature.

The President of Pakistan Mr. Ayub Khan delivered very emotional speech to his nation and asked them to be ready for sacrifice. The whole nation behaved like unity and offered themselves to be slain in front of Indian forces and tanks. Mr. Ayub was got emotional to see the passion of Pakistan people which was really amazing.

On the other hand, Pakistan Air Force did very well and astonished to whole world having very short resources during war condition. Even Pakistan Air Force had not enough jets for fighting but they fought very well against Indian Air Force and took down many jets by using their techniques.

It is also said as one time came when they had only outdated jets for using and it was totally risk to use them. Anyhow, pilots came forward and got permission from their seniors and started to fly them against Indian jets. It was equal to embrace death and Pakistan Air Force officers did this.

There was also one incident happened when one Pakistan Air Force officer shot down about 4 jets of India that was a record in the whole world. He was renowned with the name of M. M. Alam. He was shook the whole world with his techniques which he used to destroy four Indian jets.

Pakistani Jet That Shot Down 14 Indian Jets

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