No one can attack over Pakistan

No one can attack over country Pakistan and these are the words of Dr. Sumar Mubarak Mand who is very famous scientists of Pakistan after Dr. Qadeer Khan. According to him, India could not do anything against Pakistan as Pakistan has very latest missile technology rather than any other country in the whole world.

He further told to Pakistani nation as Pakistani anti missile system is very unique in its features and no one can dare to attack over Pakistan. He further told about India, he said knows very well about the ability of its Air Force. According to him, they even have not complete squadron in its Air Force which is real problem for them.

When it was got by Indian media, they took all their politicians in bad ways and asked them about the reality of Air Force. One defense minister also came in one of private channel in India he told the truth in front of whole India nation.

He said as they had very large numbers in everything but it was past not present. Now a days, Pakistan is working with China to get their armaments and they are making it themselves which is plus point for Pakistan. He said, Indian government is still purchasing armament which is definitely not good sign.

Dr. Sumar Mubarak Mand also told to media as all missile tests in India oceans could not get its real target which is really notable thing. He further said as Pakistan even had made Shaheen III missile that covers to whole India. So he said as India can never dare to attack over Pakistan at any cost.

Shaheen-III test successful

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