Monkey behaves differently with female

Monkey behaves differently with females at some temple where people were going in groups. There were many monkeys there to whom people were feeding them and monkeys were directly interacting with people. People were also getting enjoy while feeding them and playing with them. There were many monkeys there on the temple and it seems as non-Muslim country.

People were coming there in different groups and of different ages. People in which women, men and children were included were coming and climbing up stairs to go up. Monkeys were in the middle and stopping people and demanded for having something to eat from all people. It also happened once when monkey stopped the way and did not allow anyone to go upward.

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People were stopped and shocked as why monkey was not letting to go upward. It was also amazing as no one was hitting to monkey but everybody was trying to ignore all monkeys. One young female also came there and wanted to cross the bridge made by monkey but monkey did not allow her and also started to gaze at her continuously.

In the video it can also be seen as monkeys was behaving in strange way but monkey did something different with that specific young girl. She again tried to cross but monkey again stopped her and did not let her to go upward. In the meantime, there was another monkey came near to that monkey and both were got busy by embracing each other.

Meanwhile, everybody got time and they found it the best time to cross the bridge made by monkey. People were started to go upward while monkey was completely busy with his partner and people were even laughing at the couple. After sometime, monkey released his partner and also shocked to see as nobody was there as everyone had gone.

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