Lady Jumps over Crocodile Pool in London

London: A zoo or a safari park is not complete without the presence of crocodiles and a zoo in London is no exception. But a lady created huge buzz when she jumped into a pool area of an african crocodile and its video went viral around the world including London.

It was a bright sunny day and many visitors came to enjoy the presence of nature in the form of animals in this Zoo in London. They got surprised when they saw a lady jumping into an area close to pool of an african crocodile. The beast was resting outside the pool and seemed sleeping when she went close to it.


Finding the crocodile sleeping, she tried to become brave enough to go closer. She didn’t stop here as she went on to show her courage and touched the strong tail of the beast. As soon as she touched it, the sleeping beast got awake and its roar made the lady terrified.

Many people from London were watching this lady’s brave act but they also warned her not to go closer to this beast that is known for its strong jaws and scaring behaviour. One of the people was recording this rare moment in his camera and then released the video on different platforms. It grabbed attention of the people right away.

However, some people state that it was a foolish act of the girl, while some called it an example of bravery. As long as she touched the crocodile, it roared and she got terrified. Luckily the beast was not in a mood to attack on her and she escaped from behind the crocodile and claimed the boundary wall of the pool.

Nonetheless, it was a brave thing to do especially by a female but it is dangerous at the same time. No one should do that because it can cause you your life no matter you are living in Africa or in London.

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