Lady Escapes From Crocodile in a London Zoo

London: A young and passionate lady tried to prove her courage in a London zoo when she went close to an African crocodile and surprised people who came to enjoy their day in a sunny day in London. Someone from the visitors recored this incident in camera and then shared the video on different online platforms.

London is a famous place for many things including the nature friendly parks and zoo. People from different parts of the city come to visit animals to spend a day with nature. People find it pleasant to stay close to nature whenever they find time. However, such incidents in which a lady goes closer to a wild beast are quite rare.

The lady crossed the boundary fence and entered into the area of African crocodile that was sleeping outside the water pool. She observed that the beast was sleeping which gave her courage to go closer to it. People who were witnessing this incident tried to warn her and they told her not to do that as it could harm her.

But the lady didn’t pay any attention to the people and kept getting closer to the deadly beast which is famous for its strong and terrifying jaws. When she saw the crocodile sleeping, she went closer and put her hand on its tail which made the beast leave its sleep. The croc started roaring which scared the girl and she fell down backwards.

Then she quickly got up and hurriedly passed the backside of the crocodile and ran towards the fence and crossed it safely. She was quite lucky as the beast did not attack on her and became calm after a brief moment of roaring. However, this incidents made the day for the visitors who came to spend a good time in this zoo in London.

Lady Escapes From Crocodile in a London Zoo

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