Interestingly man develops friendly relation with shark

Interestingly man succeeded to develop friendly relation with shark which was not less than a miracle. There are many types of fish around the world but shark is considered the most dangerous in the sea not only for sea creature but also for human beings. Talking about analysts who go down for having some experiments, they do not go down without having precautions only due to shark attacks.

There are numbers of people who died every year only due to shark attacks which is increasing day by day because of negligence of human beings. People go at seashore especially at those sites where management forbids people to go but people do not understand the severity of the matter. They go first then encircled with lot of danger and sometimes lose their lives as well.

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Once one family was bathing at seashore with friends at that site where management asked them to stop, however, they did not notice them at all. It is very real incident which was also recorded by camera by his wife who was recording. Man was bathing and in the next moment shark came there and engulfed him and took away.

Unfortunately, his whole wife was watching him as how he was going away from them in the valley of death. They started to scream and cry but totally in vain. He was finished and they only have their memories. On the other hand, man which can be seen in the video he is really amazing. He had friendship such a horrible and dangerous animal which could not be imagined.

He can even touch to shark amazingly and shark did not react harshly against him which is really unbelievable. It would definitely be first incident in your life when you would have seen man who was touching to shark and it did not take action against him.

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