Indian teenager left surprised to whole world

Indian teenager left surprised to whole world when people noticed as she was being bleed from her head, eyes and hands. It was really surprising for everybody around the world as it was never happened before. Indian people also stated to name it for some divination or anything else.

According to doctors, they have helpless to find any source from where blood is coming. They have checked each and everything in her whole body but could not give any solid reason of her disease. She can be seen in bleeding form in the given video.

Talking about people who live in India, according to them, it is nothing else but witchcraft. They said as nobody can have treatment of her disease as it is by default from the god. It is already famous about Indian people as they believe too much in these things which really does not relate in reality.

Some of them also called it as divination and said it would definitely become the reason of something special in near future. According to them, it may be right or wrong but there is something happened in near future. The whole documentary is on that little girl who is only 14 years of age done by one of famous documentary channel in the world.

They also arranged one of famous doctor to whom they also invited in India and he checked her completely. He said as it would be before time to announce anything about her. he further said as she would have needed for complete test otherwise he could not say anything about her disease.

This Girl has some abnormality as she cries blood

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