Indian teenager becomes central attraction around the world

Indian teenager becomes central attraction in the whole world when she is noticed with very special disease. According to one of famous media channel around the world, she is bleed with blood from her head, hands and eyes amazingly. She belonged to India and doctors are still worried about her present disease which is still under observation and doctors are struggling to know the reason.

Twinkle who is 14 years of age is attacked by very strange disease in which she gets some blood from her hands, head and feet as well. Off course, the given photos are really very much striking as she can be seen in the condition in which she has some blood in her checks which is coming for her eyes.

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Some people named it as supernatural occurrence and others named it as riddle and nothing else. According to them, it is natural and no one can have its remedy and she would have to live in this condition in her whole life. On the other hands, people also named it as witchcraft which does not come in mind even doctors seem helpless in this matter.

Some people called it as divination of something as something is going to be happened bad in very near future. One of doctors also looked successful to diagnose her as he said as it may probably indication of one disease named maladjustment which is called as Munchausen disorder. Dr. Geroge Buchanan, who also had made a visit in India to have a look over that teenager called Twinkle.

His trip was also arranged by that very famous media channel and he said as he also had seen her before as a pediatrician. He told as he did not know from where it is originating exactly and he would have needed to see her completely and would be able to diagnose her after completing her testes.

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