Indian Media speaks about Pakistan Power

Indian Media speaks about Pakistan power after 10 years. According to Indian media Pakistan has ability to get super power in the year of 2025 and Pakistan is trying to become world’s largest super power. According to Indian media, Pakistan has more than 100 nuclear war heads which would be enhanced up to 225 in the year of 2025.

Indian media further told about their own nuclear war heads which was still more than Pakistan nuclear war heads. Indian Media is trying to show as they are very innocent and pure in this race. Anyhow, it is also reality as Indian was the first one who had started this game of nuclear warheads in this region. It was the country India that showed the way of nuclear warhead to Pakistan.

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It was the year 1997 when Indian country showed power of atomic bomb to Pakistan and emerged in the world as sixth atomic power. They also started to give intimation to Pakistan as it would be guest on the earth in next few days.  It was also said as some other countries along with Indian also decided to attack over Pakistan like 1965 they did in the darkness and then retreated badly.

On the other hand, Pakistan government has lot of pressure from the citizens of Pakistan and they forced to government of Pakistan also to emerge itself as a seventh atomic power in the world. It was very risky for the government of Pakistan and sitting Prime Minister also asked from citizens as they would afford all sanctions and they would eat grass.

All Pakistani Nation gave their words to Prime Minister as they would afford everything but on the bet of emergence in this world with very unique style. So, it was the history of Pakistani nuclear warhead which was started by only by Indian and now they are repenting.

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