India media reports about Pakistan Nuclear Warhead

Indian media reports about the nuclear warhead of Pakistan and trying to show it as Pakistan is crossing all rules of world’s peace. It is also reality and every country knows very well as it was country India that firstly showed the way of nuclear warhead in this region.

India was the country that did it in the year of 1997 and tried to get lead in this field in this region. However, Indian government was really very innocent and did not know as Pakistan was also ready for this and it replied in the same way to Indian and its allies.

Actually India did not know the result which he got from Pakistan side. According to some of Indian minister, they really did blunder when they emerged in the form of atomic power in the world. He said as he was really shocked when he heard about the experiment of Pakistan nuclear warhead.

According to him, it was the failure of India when Pakistan has announced itself as a seventh nuclear country in the whole world. It was also very famous as some other countries with India were ready to attack over Pakistan after announcing India as an atomic power.

When Pakistan emerged in the morning of May as a seventh nation atomic power around the world, all were silent and had to sit down secretly. They had no way to flee and were astonished to see Pakistan as a world seventh atomic power.

Soon Pakistan Will Be World’s 3rd Atomic Powe

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