Host misbehave with female in their show

Now a days, there are many shows running in which hosts are started to disrespect their guests. They only do it to increase the rating and in this way they also lose the moral of their show and the channel as well. Same is the case happened in the given video in which two hosts were going out of their level.

Actually most of the new comers try to copy to their seniors but they forget as they are not seniors. In this way, sometimes they do too much with the guest and then people do not come in their shows.

Sometimes, it also has happened as some renowned actors and actresses have to leave the show due to disrespect of host. Host was the female and very renowned female named Nadia at ARY news. Actor like Humayun Saeed and some others left the show when they had to face her stupidity.

Same was the case in the given video in which hosts were trying to tease to their guest but she was as nice as she did not show any anger to them. She continued to give answers of their stupid questions and did not complain of their stupid behavior.

She answered all questions calmly although she got worried little bit in the start but she controlled herself. At one point, she got too much disturbed when they asked her very personal question but she also ignored it. Government should take notice against these silly programs which have no means to come on air.

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