Females shares horrible experience in Express

Female passenger shares her horrible experience when she was travelling in one of famous travelling service company in the city. According to female, she was travelling from her university point to her home and could get her university bus service due to which she had to get another public transport to go home.

According to her it was her first experience to use public service due to which she was little bit nervous but it was not a big deal for her as a whole. She went on the stop and started to wait for public transport which went to her home. She waited there for 10 minutes then she found luxurious van in which she even found air conditioned.

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She felt as driver was inviting her to come in the van as he was going where she wanted to go actually. She waited for a while and in the next moment she became happy as she got air conditioned public service as she would not get any problem throughout the journey which was prolonged to 30-40 minutes.

When she was sat there in one of the seat and she found something odd. According to her, there were also many people sat there but they were not behaving like passengers astonishingly. It was very odd to her and she even started to get frightened from all of them for some time. She further told as she also tried to ask driver to stop the van but she even could not do so due to frightening condition.

She said as she was sure as other passengers were not human beings but some demons in reality. She said as their habits were quite different from human beings from every aspect. They were all quiet and calm and even remained sat in the bus throughout the whole travel from university point to her home. She said it looked as it was sent for her by the will of the god and nothing else.

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