Extraordinary female makes record in Arm Wrestling

Extraordinary female makes record when she does different with a man. Man was also very ashamed off when he could not win from the female. He also had to face lot of criticism when he was down in front of female. It was also suggested to him not to come in front of female as there was no advantage of it.

She firstly showed as she was facing struggle to lose to man but in the next moment she gave a jerk to his hand and he was no more in the game. Even in the last moments of the game, man also supported to his hand with his other hand.

According to rules of the game, it never allowed supporting the hand with other hand but she did not ask him not to do it. She remained calm and focused on her hand and at the end he was completely and badly defeated by woman.

According to sources, he always used to have fun with her and teased her. Then she decided to compete with him with an open challenge. When she defeated him he had no answer of his defeat and got out from the gym as early as possible.

People who were watching the whole scenario they also encouraged to female and supported her a lot. Actually she was the going to get in international games and she was preparing for it. People of her country are hopeful as she would never disappoint them and would win the gold medal.

Female vs Man Arm Wrestling

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