Concept of sentence in grave to human being

Being Muslims we have believe in punishment after death in grave and after passing the period of grave in the Day of Judgment. We believe in Allah who has become reason of our creation in this world and would also be able giving life to all of us after death. He is the authority around the whole world that has ultimate power of everything.

This concept is given from Allah to die and then to be lived on the Day of Judgment to get rewards what we had done in our lives in the world. To get punished in grave is also true as it is told to everyone especially those ones who belong to Muslim sector. They also have strong belief also in many other things which are still discussed.

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To save us from fire of Day of Judgment, Allah sent about more than 124000 His messengers toward His Caliph (Human Being). Only purpose to send these messengers or Prophets was just to save his people (us) from the fire of hell. It is also said that fire would be more powerful than the existing fire in the world. According to one Hadith, it would be 70 times more powerful from the fire of this world.

Some religions have this concept as they would get no punishment in Day of Judgment. According to them, they would get rewards of what they have done in this world but there would get no punishment on their faults which they had done in the world.

There are some religions that believe as there is no one in this world who is running to this world. The whole universe is revolving without any ultimate power. However, there are only few people of this religion found in the world.

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