CCTV Camera caught women in shopping Centre

CCTV camera caught women in shopping center when they were busy to steal different objects from shopping center. There was a female with her siblings and when she entered she noticed one shoe in the wardrobe. She looked very experienced in this field as she clued to her daughter to pick it up secretly.

Her daughter was also very experienced she also took no time to disappear that shoe form wardrobe. After that, she goes forward with her daughters and starts to find another article so that the purpose to come in the shops can be fulfilled. She again touched another thing in the shops and also clued to her another daughter and she did the same.

The whole matter was going to be preserved by CCTV camera and the whole family was not aware from it. They picked everything from the shop which they could pick and slipped away secretly. When shopkeeper noticed as he had missed some articles from the shop, he started to watch thief from CCTV camera.

After struggling a lot, he finds one woman with her two daughters who were busy to pick up different things in her clothes. According to him, they had worn loose cloths so that they could put many things in their cloths.

He did not wait for anything and uploaded their CCTV video on internet portals so that other people could be safe from them. He also register FIR against them if they come again in the same market they can take action against the whole family.

Female shoplifters Caught at a Shimla Mall Road

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