Video shows Harvey Weinstein coming on to woman hours before alleged rape

Harvey Weinstein Accuser Releases Video of Creepy Business Meeting Before Alleged Rape

Harvey Weinstein Accuser Releases Video of Creepy Business Meeting Before Alleged Rape

Melissa Thompson, one of the three women who filed a class action lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein in June this year accusing him of sexual misconduct and assault, has released video footage of a meeting with him in his office from 2011, allegedly hours before he raped her.

"I constantly felt trapped, no matter where I turned", she told Sky News.

The former Hollywood titan is seen in the video waving staff away with the words "don't interrupt, don't interrupt' as he enters the meeting".

Prosecutors argue they do not have the responsibility to turn over the emails because Weinstein could have given testimony about the alleged relationship himself, which he did not do.

At points in the video Ms Thompson appears flustered, and loses her train of thought as she tries to continue her pitch.

"Data's so hot, right?"

The footage, which has never been broadcast before, shows him hugging, touching and making sexually suggestive comments to 28-year-old Melissa Thompson.

He responded: "It is hot". You're hot. He then runs his hand up her leg and under her dress.

"At first I tried to volley a little bit with him". Give it to me. There, Thompson says, Weinstein raped her.

Weinstein is heard in the video saying he wants to meet her later for drinks at a nearby hotel lobby. At one point, he appears genuinely interested in using her service, instructing her to tell her boss to sign him up. "There was a combination of confidence and naivety that led me to this dynamic that we see now, watching back".

Thompson also rejected critics who said she encouraged Weinstein's behavior. "It's not bad", he says as he rubs her back.

Thompson told Sky News Weinstein was "playing a cat-and-mouse game from the very beginning to see how far he could push me, and what my reactions might be so that he could gauge how he would play with (me), where my levers were, what were my vulnerabilities". Thompson says that she accepted Weinstein's offer in the hopes that it would help her close the business deal, and that she felt comfortable meeting Weinstein even after he touched her inappropriately because she believed it would be in a public space. When she arrived, Weinstein asked her to follow him to what she thought was a conference room.

Instead, she alleges, he lured her to his hotel room, where he raped her. In June, she filed a lawsuit against Weinstein in which she claims he "out-muscled" her that day. "We don't have to live with being raped when we think we're going to a business meeting".

Brafman said the video shows "casual, if not awkward, flirting from both parties".

"We believe that the People's response in its entirety makes it absolutely clear that the case against Mr. Weinstein can not be successfully prosecuted", said Brafman in a statement to Deadline. "It was produced by Ms Thompson to bolster her position in a civil lawsuit seeking money".

"Inspection will reveal that the evidence before the grand jury amply supported the offenses charged, that the grand jury was properly instructed on the law, and that the integrity of the proceedings was unimpaired, and the People deny all allegations to the contrary, and oppose disclosure of the grand jury minutes to the defense", the filing in New York Supreme Court adds.

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