Vehicle 'deliberately' crashes into crowd in China killing nine

Car PLOUGHS into crowd in busy square - three dead and 43 injured

Car PLOUGHS into crowd in busy square - three dead and 43 injured

The incident on Wednesday evening injured another 44 people, according to officials from Hengdong city in central Hunan province. Authorities have no yet given a motive and no official mention of terrorism has been made.

According to the record on China Judgments Online website, the 54-year-old Yang was born in Hengdong county, Hunan province, has a junior high school education level and is unemployed. He had previously served several prison sentences for crimes including arson and assault, the Beijing Youth Daily said.

Videos and photos circulated on social media purportedly show large crowds of up to several hundred people running frantically from the square in different directions, amid bodies laying scattered on the ground.

People ran to their aid, screaming and crying as they frantically sought to help.

China has experienced violent attacks in public places in recent years, including bombings and arson of buses and buildings, sometimes by people trying to settle personal scores or grievances against society.

But the Chinese government has long anxious about the potential for extremists or separatist groups to carry out similar attacks.

Occasionally, the attacks are attributed to militant separatists, though such incidents have become less common in recent years amid a stifling security crackdown.

Nine people have been confirmed dead and 46 others injured by the government as of writing.

The government is generally nervous about such incidents after a auto ploughed through pedestrians in the northern part of Beijing's Tiananmen Square in 2013, killing the three people in the vehicle and two bystanders.

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