The Apple Watch is inching toward becoming a medical device

Much-anticipated Apple line-up will include a range of smartphones a new mini Mac and accessories. AFP

Much-anticipated Apple line-up will include a range of smartphones a new mini Mac and accessories. AFP

New Camera Features. The cameras on the XS and XS Max have pretty much the same specs as those of the departing iPhone X. There are dual 12MP rear cameras, along with a 7MP front, or selfie, camera. What's remarkable is that it's very rare when the cheapest iPhone of the year catches the maximum attention. It's available in six colours - white, black, blue, yellow, coral, and red - and its edges are made of aluminium rather than the iPhone XS' "surgical grade steel". The iPhone XS has a price that starts at $999, but tops out at $1,349.

If you choose to blur the background in a shot with the iPhone XR you can also change the level of blurring after the fact - a trick that the iPhone 8 doesn't offer.

The iPhone XR should also last longer than the iPhone 8 between charges, as Apple has claimed that it will last for up to 90 minutes longer than the iPhone 8 Plus, which itself lasts longer than the iPhone 8.

Speaking of which, let's talk about the not-so-headline-grabbing iPhone XR.

"While it's now the cheapest new iPhone of the lot, the iPhone XR gets a large 6.1" edge to edge display that uses IPS instead of OLED.

There were no big reveals at Apple Inc.'s annual gadget-fest this year, but plenty of little ones-impressive upgrades to the company's flagship iPhone and Apple Watch lines.

And, Schiller said, the XS line-up features 'the most lovely iPhone we've ever made'. However, this is a more elegant design and the iPhone XR is one good looking smartphone. The iPhone Xs Max is the Supersized Big Mac and fries phone for an era of healthier digital diets.

The camera on the iPhone XR has had one hell of a shakeup; there's a single camera system, which the company assures is the "best ever". Well, the pricing starts a lot lower than for the iPhone XS, but the differences between European and US pricing are still very much there.

Processor. The A12 Bionic chip found in all the new models skates out to the jagged edge of silicon chip design. We break down the pricing below.

Apple's removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack has been considered a controversial and user-hostile decision beginning with the iPhone 7, so it's no surprise the latest devices are also missing the port.

Other analysts have slightly different prices-$699, $969 and $1,069-but all are banking on Apple to raise prices again and deliver more revenue in the year ahead. However, it's early to give a verdict on it but our hunch is that Apple might just have a victor on its hands with the iPhone XR.

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