Russia, China Conduct Moscow's LARGEST WAR GAMES in History — EASTERN ALLIANCE

Mikhail Metzel  TASS

Mikhail Metzel TASS

In the far East of Russian Federation has completed the main phase of the military exercises "Vostok-2018".

According to previous estimates, about 300,000 troops were set to participate in the maneuvers.

The Mongolian army also sent troops.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has visited Tsugol training ground in the Trans-Baikal Territory, where the main stage of Vostok-2018, the biggest military exercises since 1981, is in progress.

"Our duty toward Russian Federation, our motherland, is to be ready to stand up for its sovereignty, security and national interests, and support our allies if required", Mr Putin said.

On site, Mr Putin praised the "mastery" of the Russian army and its "ability to deal with potential threats". You demonstrated the high-level performance. You held it at high level: "all units and formations fulfilled their assigned tasks", said Putin.

"Therefore we are going to further strengthen our armed forces, supply them with the latest generations of weapons and equipment, develop global military partnership", Putin said. Additionally, military cooperation will be further developed.

For example, a surprise inspection of the Northern Fleet took place in mid-August, while similar inspections of the Central and Eastern military districts happened later that month.

"That's why 87 observers from 59 countries attend these maneuvers and I welcome all of them", the president said.

The Associated Press reports that Putin addressed reporters near the Tsugol firing range, 80 miles north of China's border and where the war games took place, saying that Russian Federation needs a stronger military to properly counter foreign threats.

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