Pricing, GCC availability of Apple's iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, Watch 4

These are the gadgets that will help you love your Apple devices even more

These are the gadgets that will help you love your Apple devices even more

As expected, the iOS 12 release date is confirmed for September and iOS 11 users only have to wait a few more days for the upgrade. Alongside the newest iPhones, the next-generation Apple Watch is one of Apple's pride and joy products. The iPhone XR also supports Apple Pay.

Apple will no longer include include a free 3.5mm jack conversion dongle with newly-purchased iPhones.

For example, the Apple Watch already monitors your heart in the background and will notify you if it detects an elevated heart rate, which may be an early sign of heart trouble. You may be looking at the new future for life-alert systems.

The iPhone XS models have a stainless steel chassis and a new formulation for the scratch-resistant glass - Apple claims it's the most durable on a phone. And yes, the Max has a ginormous 6.5-inch display.

We'll let you know how it feels when we review the phone. The iPhone ASP was $724 in the most-recent quarter.

Lets say goodbye to the iPhone design that has been with us since 2014 – the iPhone X from previous year is the blueprint for Apples future models.

The iPhone XR is claimed to last an hour and half longer than the iPhone 8 Plus.

"You can see it's about the same size (as the iPhone 8 Plus) phone with a much larger display".

The clunky, white doodad doesn't get much love from consumers.

For comparison, the iPhone XS Max is bigger even than the Galaxy Note 9, which spans 6.4 inches.

A year ago, I might have been more skeptical.

This results in a display that's more than 30% larger and that has more real estate for showing the sophisticated, customisable watch faces and modular widgets offered by watchOS 5.

You get plenty of new colors with the iPhone Xr, and the base variant will start at $749, which is cheaper than the iPhone 8 Plus.

The stock closed 1.24% lower at $221.07 yesterday which led to its market capitalisation falling from $1.081 trillion on September 11 to $1.068 trillion in September 12, amounting to a loss of $13 billion in market capitalisation. And these are the people Apple must reach to continue its phenomenal success with iPhones. Time will tell, of course. They've also extended the workout time for battery life to 6-hours. You can say that both of them look like the iPhone X. No further changes have been made to the design.

All heart data collected by the built-in heart sensors is stored in the watch's Health app, and you can share the data with your physician via a PDF. However, you have to use only one physical SIM for this. In other words, try putting these big-screen phones down. The only potential hiccup to a record-breaking quarter is the fact that the iPhone XS won't launch until October.

Does the iPhone XR have a new display?

And in the spirit of everything-but-the-kitchen sink, analysts tracking Apple's supply chain also say the company is also working on bringing facial-recognition technology to a new line of iPads and a lower-priced MacBook.

The Apple-designed A12 Bionic, the smartest and most powerful chip in a smartphone, features the first 7-nanometer chip ever in a smartphone that delivers industry-leading performance in a more power-efficient design. Best of all, it starts at only $750.

The new Series 4 Apple Watches with Global Positioning System will start at $399 - ones with a cellular connection and Global Positioning System begin at $499.

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