Is it the Right Time to Get a Flu Shot?

Experts say kids need their flu shots ASAP

Experts say kids need their flu shots ASAP

So people who caught the flu last year may have some residual immunity to help protect them this year, he says.

The Center for Disease Control is bringing back the nasal spray vaccine. 80% of those deaths occurred in children who had not received a flu vaccine.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) released a policy statement this week instructing parents to make sure every child who's 6 months or older gets a flu shot and gets it early in the season. County Public Health Officer Kim Mueller tells us they are making it even easier again this year, and will be offering flu shots at schools around the county.

Influenza shots are starting to arrive at local hospitals and pharmacies, and doctors are urging parents of young children to give them their flu shot before the start of the season. According to a report published September 3, 2018 by the World Health Organization, influenza activity remained at low seasonal levels in Australia and New Zealand as of August 19, 2018. Last season was the first out of the 15 analyzed to be classified as "high severity" across all age groups.

The nasal spray vaccine FluMist is a recommended option this season for use in nonpregnant individuals ages 2 through 49.

Among the Florida high schoolers who did get the shots, more reported getting them at a doctor's office than anywhere else. This year's vaccine contains one new strain of Influenza A and one new strain of Influenza B.

Dr. Hopkins said the flu vaccine will give you immunity for 9-12 months.

"People say the vaccine is not 100 percent, and that's true", Bowling said.

"There is overwhelming evidence, even from previous year, that the more people we vaccinate, the more we curtail the spread of the flu throughout our community", says Fries.

Healthy Schools works with the federally-funded Vaccines for Children program and kids' own insurance plans to provide vaccines at no cost to students or school districts. However, Dr. Snelling said it's highly recommended that everyone eligible to receive the vaccination should get it.

Passengers were screened by CDC officials, and 11 people were hospitalized.

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