Henry Cavill's Superman is leaving the DC Universe

Warner Bros.is going to need a new Superman, because The Hollywood Reporter brings word that Henry Cavill has stepped down from the role after negotiations with the studio fell through.

According to the highly reputable Hollywood Reporter, Cavill - who has played Superman in three films - will not be playing Clark Kent and his re-caped caped alter ego, although neither side has confirmed the story. Though neither side is confirming, the British actor, who first donned the blue suit for 2013's Man of Steel, and then starred in 2016's Batman v. Superman and last year's Justice League, is said to be hanging up the red cape.

After a much ballyhooed appearance in the terrific Mission Impossible: Fallout, Henry Cavill's stock has seen quite a rise this year - a fine turn of events for the actor post-Supermustache. The studio was apparently not looking to make a solo Superman film in the immediate future - instead looking towards a Supergirl origin story. Though far from a box-office bomb, it wasn't the Avengers-sized hit Warner Bros were hoping for. The storyline would feature Kal-El as an infant so Cavill wouldn't be necessary.

A couple of other factors cited are Cavill's scheduling conflicts that kept him from shooting a cameo in DC/WB's Shazam! film - which will be released in 2019 - as well as the recent announcement that he will star in Netflix's adaptation of The Witcher.

So with that said, if all holds, it looks like Cavill is following Ben Affleck into the sunset in terms of their DC tenures. "There's a recognition that some parts of the previous movies didn't work". Another source claims that the Netflix role came after the issues with WB, suggesting a change in direction for the studio.

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