Google is Shutting Down Inbox

Google to kill Inbox early next year

Google to kill Inbox early next year

In a Wednesday blog post, Google said it plans to shut down the email product at the end of March 2019 "to focus exclusively on Gmail". But after the company brought over most of the app's various features to the redesign Gmail, many questioned the client's future.

As years rolled out, Inbox became more popular among its users, and later began rolling out forward-thinking feature like Smart Replies and Unified Inbox.

The search giant said Wednesday that it would "say goodbye" to Inbox at the end of March 2019.

As mentioned, pretty much all of Inbox's unique features moved over to Gmail back in April. Google was pretty adamant about the future of Inbox saying at that time that there's no reason users should be anxious, as the app is here to stay. It's a service many of us use every single day.

Launched back in 2014, Inbox by Gmail was initially invite-only and sought to compete with innovative email apps like Boxer and the now-defunct Mailbox.

Well, in case you haven't noticed, numerous features that Inbox touted are now native in Gmail.

Google Gmail product manager Matthew Izatt wrote in a blog post that Inbox users can consult an online guide to familiarize themselves with Gmail.

Unfortunately, Google looks to be shutting down the test lab as it mainlines more features to Gmail.

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