China says battling swine fever is 'complex and challenging'

African swine fever reaches western Europe in blow to EU pork exports

African swine fever reaches western Europe in blow to EU pork exports

The agriculture ministry said an inspection team would be formed to patrol major provinces that could be under threat from the disease. The virus quickly spread across Eastern Europe, where food safety authorities have struggled to contain the disease.

Belgium remains unscathed from the disease at the level of pig farms.

In China, the world's largest pork producer, new cases of the disease have been detected almost every day over vast distances, prompting the government to take strict protective measures including a ban on the use of food waste as pig feed.

The fight against the disease is not a public health issue but an animal and economic health issue.

At the end of the month of August, the president of the main agricultural union the French FNSEA, Christiane Lambert, had concerns about the risk of transmission in the farms of the african swine fever, already present in eastern Europe, where some companies of hunting, importing wild boars to their farms of game.

Denmark has planned to build fences along Germany borders to prevent entry of African swine fever.

It added: "Biosecurity in pig farms is essential and the FASFC ensures that it is permanently properly insured".

The confirmation of two cases of african swine fever on wild boar in Belgium has led Thursday the French authorities to ask for "an immediate mobilization to protect (the) farms" pigs is threatened by a virus against which there is neither vaccine nor treatment.

"This health alert of maximum level, requires a collective mobilisation, particularly of breeders and hunters, to prevent the introduction or spread of this disease on our territory", he said.

"The different levels of power will continue to work closely together to maximise the effectiveness of prevention and control measures".

Mandy Nevel, veterinary manager with Agricultural and Horticultural Development Board (AHDB) which offers support to Britain's food producers, said: "It is extremely concerning that African Swine Fever has been identified in Belgium". It is important to stress that ASF only affects pigs and wild boars, not humans, but it is a severe disease for those animals.

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