Canada cannabis entrepreneurs 'could face United States lifetime ban'

Canadian pot sector workers could face big troubles at the U.S. borders says analyst

Canadian pot sector workers could face big troubles at the U.S. borders says analyst

Under the policy, U.S. officials are to bar entry to Canadians who acknowledge having consumed marijuana at any time in their past, as well as those who are either employed or invested in legal cannabis enterprises.

Canadians about to enjoy newly legal marijuana - and even investors in the sector - could face new headaches at the USA border.

Meanwhile, during an interview with CBC Manitoba earlier this week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the federal government is working with USA officials to ensure that travel to the States doesn't become an issue when marijuana is legalized in Canada next month.

Canadians who say they invest in marijuana companies would also be unable to enter the country as the USA doesn't "recognize that as a legal business", Owen said.

Owen also said officers won't be asking everyone about their marijuana use or link, only if questions lead there.

Also, marijuana residue - which can linger inside of a vehicle - could possibly be detected by inspection dogs and lead to further questioning.

If someone attempting to cross the border into the USA admits to past use of illegal drugs, he or she would be deemed inadmissible to enter.

Owen said that travelers are typically allowed the opportunity for a "voluntary withdraw" from a border crossing but noted records are kept whether a traveler enters the US or not and such a traveler will not be able to return to the U.S.

And if asked about past drug use, travellers are advised not to lie.

Travelers who receive lifetime bans are eligible to apply for a waiver, although it can take months to process and costs $585 to apply.

What to do? Well, lying to a border agent is considered fraud and is also grounds for a lifetime ban. USA officials also warn that any form of participation in the sector could likewise cause someone to be turned away, signaling potential problems for investors.

"Facilitating the proliferation of the legal marijuana industry in U.S. states where it is deemed legal or Canada may affect an individual's admissibility to the U.S.", Owen continued.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that marijuana will be legal across the country starting October 17.

"It's going to be a real issue for employers and a much bigger issue for employees, who - if I were them - would be panic-stricken right now", said Levitt.

"You're not just going to see these northern Washington cases, you're going to see them Canada-wide from east to west coast", he said.

"But there is no question that we are working with USA officials; they have legalized marijuana in a number of their states, and we're trying to make sure that travel between our two countries (is) not disrupted".

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