Trump deletes tweet about writing skills because of spelling mistakes

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gives a thumbs up during a campaign rally

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gives a thumbs up during a campaign rally

On Tuesday, Trump bragged about his writing skills in a tweet where he misspeled the word "pour", reported The Hill.

He's prone to putting his foot in it, and Donald Trump has been left red-faced once again after a tweet boasting about his spelling prowess has spectacularly backfired.

But Trump made an unwitting error in his boast, using the word "pour" instead of "pore".

Trump, the author of many "how to get rich" biographies, tweeted to defend his style of tweet-writing.

He tweeted: 'After having written many best selling books, and somewhat priding myself on my ability to write, it should be noted that the Fake News constantly likes to pour over my tweets looking for a mistake.

A less noticed mistake that some users also pointed out in Trump's tweet was that he should have used a hyphen in the term "best selling" when he made reference to the books he's written.

A biographer of the president, Tim O'Brien, quickly backed up her theory, tweeting: "President Trump didn't write any of his books".

'I capitalize certain words only for emphasis, not b/c they should be capitalized!'

Trump's ghostwriter, Tony Schwartz, described the process of authoring Trump's The Art of the Deal, revealing to The New Yorker that he wrote the whole book.

"But the dictionary's Twitter account couldn't resist one final jab at the president, and specifically, his infamous "do: "'comb over" [is] 'to comb hair from the side of the head to cover the bald spot'". Rowling still found the incident hilarious.

Merriam-Webster has also taken aim at the president multiple times on Twitter, including his use of "covfefe", confusing "council" for "counsel", and even pointing out that searches for "misogyny" were spiking after he won the presidency.

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