Three Indicted in Violent Kidnapping of 'Halloween' Actress, Actor

Three Indicted Over Kidnapping Of ‘Halloween: Resurrection’ Actress

Three Indicted Over Kidnapping Of ‘Halloween: Resurrection’ Actress

A newly-released indictment reveals the terrifying ordeal of two Hollywood actors who were kidnapped and held for ransom.

Three people have been indicted in the kidnappings of actor Joseph Capone and "Halloween: Ressurrection" star Daisy McCrackin. The defendants then allegedly put black hoods over the victims' heads and drove them to Jones's home in the Compton area of Los Angeles.

- Viral video of police arresting a woman in Inglewood that first sparked outrage, and questioned police use of force, is video of a kidnapping suspect being arrested according to police and the Los Angeles District Attorney.

There, Mr Stewart allegedly struck Capone repeatedly with a firearm.

The indictment says she was forced to write a check for $10,000 to Neal, who deposited it into his account.

On May 4, the kidnappers took McCrackin back to her home, where she contacted authorities. McCrackin immediately called for help.

Bail for Jones and Neal was set at $1 million, and Stewart's bail was $2.08 million.

Monday's arrest of one of three suspects was captured on video by a passerby and posted on Twitter.

"She is the most unharmful person, look at her she is scared for her life", the person recording the footage behind the cameras says.

'Although we are limited in what info we can release, we can confirm this individual was arrested on a felony kidnapping warrant and taken into custody without a use-of-force, ' the statement read. 'She is being held on $1million bail'.

In May of 2017, McCrackin and Capone were abducted from McCrackin's home, with prosecutors alleging that two suspects pistol-whipped Capone and forced him into a vehicle, while McCrackin was also forced into the vehicle.

The allegation indicates that the crime unfolded after alleged "conspirators" stole McCrackin's 2011 Lexus, obtained a gun, roped Stewart into the caper, and went to McCrackin's home, where Capone was attacked.

Inmate records indicate that Jones was arrested on January 4 and also faces a maximum possible sentence of life in state prison without parole.

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