Thai Cave Rescue: How Elon Musk's 'Kid-Size' Submarine Could Assist Mission

Rescue Operation To Save The Thai Football Team Is Underway

Rescue Operation To Save The Thai Football Team Is Underway

Amid scenes of jubilation near the Tham Luang Cave, head of the rescue operation Narongsak Osottanakorn told SBS News that officials were reassessing oxygen and other supplies before they evacuate the next batch of boys and their coach.

Police stand guard near the Tham Luang cave complex in the northern province of Chiang Rai, Thailand, July 9, 2018.

Hospital authorities said the first group of four boys rescued on Sunday were in good health and they were mulling letting their parents meet their wards from Tuesday but from a glass door separation.

Four children and their 25-year-old soccer coach remain stranded inside.

Catharines, Ont. -based scuba instructor with experience cave diving, says the rescuers are doing most of the heavy lifting in the operation. Rescue operations have halted for the night and will restart on Tuesday.

Mr Narongsak said that experts told him new rain could shrink the unflooded space where the boys are sheltering to just 10 square meters.

The plight of the group has transfixed Thailand and the rest of the world, as authorities struggled to locate them and then devise a plan to get the boys and their coach out. "And we will do it faster because we are afraid of the rain".

Rescuing the remaining boys and coach could take two to four days, and depended on the weather, an army commander involved in the mission said.

Workers have been laboring around the clock to pump water out of the cave, and authorities said Monday that heavy downpours overnight did not raise water levels inside.

When looking at an animation of the cave rescue, Brick said, "The ceiling dips down enough in certain areas that it forms a waterproof seal when those passages fill up".

Officials later confirmed the operation was under way again from about 11am local time (5am BST).

Meanwhile, anxious parents waiting at the entrance - many of whom have been holding 24-hour vigils despite the overnight rains - say they are still not being told "anything" about which boys are about to emerge from the cave, and can do nothing but wait.

He said that expert divers who had taken part in Sunday's operation needed to rest at least 20 hours, which would have delayed the start of the second phase to between 8pm and 10pm on Monday.

An Australian doctor who is part of Sunday's rescue mission checked the health of the boys on Saturday night and gave the all-clear for the rescue to proceed.

Air tanks were planted along the route earlier on Monday.

"We have more operating personnel".

Images and identities of the rescued boys have not been released.

The chief the rescue mission said they are being kept apart from relatives because of infection concerns, Reuters reports.

"We have not been told which child has been brought out".

"The four children are fine". Last week, a former Thai navy diver died while preparing for the operation.

"The teams here are happy the boys are being rescued but also anxious about the severity of the boys' conditions".

Lastly came Pipat Bodhu, 15, aka Nick, who was not even in the team but came along as a friend of the goalkeeper.

The first of the Wild Boars soccer team emerged from the cave at 5.37pm local time.

The toughest part of the route is a section at nearly halfway called "T-Junction", which due to its narrowness causes divers to remove their air tanks to fit through.

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