Ted Lieu Mocks Trump's NATO Attacks With Super Basic 'Reminder' Memo

Since becoming president of the US Donald Trump has repeatedly criticised NATO allies over funding

Since becoming president of the US Donald Trump has repeatedly criticised NATO allies over funding

Lawmakers in the US seemed to break with the president's attacks, issuing their support for the decades-old organization. "But no other president brought it up like I bring it up.it's an unfair burden on the United States".

Yet either way, the result is the same.

But Major questions whether the arguments being made by the president are really only about spending.

Referring to the 97-2 vote Tuesday in the U.S. Senate affirming its support for NATO, Kerry called on Republican lawmakers to call Trump on his actions.

Those same fake facts create cracks in the alliance and smiles in the Kremlin. "So let's start with that".

The president said that Germany is "totally controlled by Russian Federation because they will be getting from 60 to 70 percent of their energy from Russian Federation and a new pipeline".

"The pipeline gets cheap Russian gas to Germany while bypassing smaller Eastern European nations, allowing Russia to pressure them while Germany is held harmless", he tweeted, adding: "No amount of preening in Berlin will cover this nakedly selfish policy". Also present was France's President Emmanuel Macron, who tried this year to charm Mr Trump into more harmonious transatlantic relationship, only to see the U.S. president withdraw from the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal and impose tariffs on European goods. "All #NATOallies have committed to extending this success through increased defense spending, deterrence and defense, and fighting terrorism". No NATO member is in arrears.

The comments come amid wide expectations of a turbulent summit-Trump has long criticized the 29-member alliance, calling it "obsolete", and is extremely critical of countries that are failing to meet the target of 2% of their GDP as defense spending.

The 29 allies are due to restate a commitment to try to spend two percent of GDP on defense by 2024, according to excerpts of their final summit declaration seen by AFP.

Despite his continued criticism of the transAtlantic pact, Trump on Wednesday signed the 23-page North Atlantic Treaty Organisation declaration, along with his 28 other allies, which reaffirmed the two percent goal to be reached by 2014. He might as well tell NATO: Drop dead.

The unexpected demand from Trump during a closed-door meeting of heads of state laid down a new, virtually unachievable marker for a peacetime military spending in an alliance already struggling to meet current defense spending commitments. He said the pipeline arrangement goes back to 2002 "when everybody viewed Russian Federation in a benign way". "Instead he seems intent on being the disrupter".

"I have great confidence they'll be spending more", he said.

"When America spends three per cent plus of the world's biggest GDP on its armed forces - and the rest of the Western world scarcely two per cent, it's hard to dispute Trump's view that most of us have been keeping safe on the cheap", Mr Abbott says. Trump only understands negotiating partners and the money in his coffers. Instead, in the words of German commentator and Brookings Institution fellow Constanze Stelzenmuller, we get the president's "open contempt for representative democracy ... and his admiration for autocrats and dictators".

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