Samsung Messages causes chaos, sends pictures randomly

Samsung's logo is seen on a building during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Spain on Feb. 25 2018

Samsung's logo is seen on a building during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Spain on Feb. 25 2018

Owners of Samsung's most recent flagship phones are reporting the bundled-in messaging app is randomly texting their contacts photos stored in the camera roll. The scariest part is that the default message app isn't showing that anything has been texted at all. What's even worse is that the app reportedly leaves no evidence of photos being sent, which means users won't know when their phone may have unwittingly sent sensitive photos to a friend or co-worker until some time has passed.

Worryingly, many people who were affected by the privacy-invading leaks were only made aware of the problem when their friends asked about the images they'd received - the Messages app does not reveal that anything has been sent.

Samsung tells Gizmodo they are aware of the reports and are looking into them, but has yet to come out with an official statement warning users of the bug. There's a post at Samsung's own forums about bugs with the RCS update, but we don't have confirmation of those bugs. The Samsung Messages app doesn't show any sign of sending the photos, meaning the user is completely unaware of the picture messaging.

A prevailing theory on the Samsung message board is that the bug is caused by a unusual interaction between Samsung Messages and recent RCS (Rich Communication Services) profile updates that have rolled out on carriers including T-Mobile.

The problem was first reported by Gizmodo, and users have pointed out how their Samsung phone sent all photos from the phone's gallery to other users. There was some speculation this issue had to do with T-Mobile, but the company has denied this according to The Verge.

'Oddly enough, my wife's phone did that last night, and mine did it the night before, ' said Reddit user Sfkn123.

Samsung acknowledged an inquiry from Gizmodo that it was aware of the bug and that it is now working on a fix.

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