Political Commentator Continues TV Interview, Unfazed by Cat Jumping on His Head

The video was shared on twitter by Dutch journalist Rudy Bouma

The video was shared on twitter by Dutch journalist Rudy Bouma

Polish academic Dr Jerzy Targalski was being interviewed by Dutch television channel Nieuwsuur from his home when his ginger puss, Lisio, made a decision to perch itself atop the good doctor's noggin. Targalski just keeps on keeping on until the cat turns and puts his tail right in his face.

Dutch journalist Rudy Bouma, who was conducting the interview, shared a clip of Lisio stealing the show.

It's a universally acknowledged truth that cats have no regard for personal space.

The historian and political scientist was discussing the Polish Supreme Court on the news program "Nieuwsuur", when his cat, without warning, climbed up on Targalski's shoulders, curled himself around the academic's head and remained there.

So, during filming, which took place in the house of the historian, a red cat climbed on the shoulders of the men, covering his fluffy tail eyes.

Unfortunately for the world, Targalski's interview was pre-taped so the footage of Lisio crawling up his arm never actually aired on TV.

Apparently, Targalski is a regular commentator on the show and it's not the first time his puss has gatecrashed an interview. And honestly, Lisio also deserves a treat for being a very good boy.

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