Next Mavic Pro could offer swappable cameras and safer flight

Mavic Pro 2 first published by DroningON

Mavic Pro 2 first published by DroningON

The drone does seem to have front and side obstacle avoidance sensors visible, which means the drone would have 360-degree sensing technology.

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With the recent leak of this image and the postponing of the "Bigger Picture" NYC event, I wonder what's going on at the DJI office?

Other potential specifications to the Mavic 2, as inferred from the picture, could be a larger f1/1.7 lens, which would indeed give the drone a greater field of view.

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According to DroneDJ, it received an e-mail that contained what appeared to be the first real photo of the next DJI drone, the DJI Mavic 2. But maybe not right away - because DJI confirms that though it had a July 18 event planned (perhaps for a product launch?) the event has now been pushed back. The speculation is that the event will unveil the company's next drone after the DJI Mavic Pro, as the artwork for the event hints that imaging will be the highlight.

DroneDJ has published an image of drone bearing the name "Mavic 2". The first one, which may be the 1-inch sensor, is mounted on the drone in gray.

Is this the DJI Mavic Pro's successor drone? The latter is located on the table and could be the one that will help "See the Bigger Picture" as the teaser to the Mavic Pro II says. There appears to be cameras and sensors for that goal at the front and sides, and most likely at the bottom and the back of the drone.

So long as the leak is accurate to begin with, the remaining questions mainly revolve around the launch date and price. So the Mavic 2, if it doubles down on pro-level features, could be DJI's way of enticing people to spend more.

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