Brock Lesnar Reappears in UFC After Getting Called Out

Brock Lesnar Will Face Daniel Cormier For The UFC Heavyweight Title

Brock Lesnar Will Face Daniel Cormier For The UFC Heavyweight Title

Cormier is now the first UFC fighter to hold the light heavyweight and heavyweight titles simultaneously.

Daniel Cormier has set the stage for a monster fight with Brock Lesnar after destroying Stipe Miocic in the first round to win the UFC heavyweight title.

LAS VEGAS Daniel Cormier knocked out the UFC heavyweight champion, argued with a professional wrestler and left the octagon dancing with glee and flawless balance, thanks to one championship belt on each arm.

Cormier called Lesnar into the cage, and Lesnar shoved Cormier in the chest while the fighters traded insults to hype a potential future bout. "Your days are in the past. Your day is in the past; 2010 is like the stone age".

"Yeah, you're strong", Cormier said. "I went from that to become the heavyweight champion".

The fight barely over, Cormier began promoting the next.

"When Brock made a decision to step in the octagon with me, he's a pro wrestler. He does fake fighting", he said.

"Push me now, you go to sleep later". He is now still under suspension by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA).

Speaking to the press after the event, UFC president Dana White wouldn't confirm the date or the venue, but he did confirm that Lesnar would indeed be Cormier's first UFC heavyweight title defence, saying: "We're definitely going to make that fight". The WWE star will celebrate his 41st birthday later this week. "He's going to pop up (in the USADA testing) here Monday or Tuesday".

"Brock chose to step in the octagon with me", Cormier said. "Do it the right way".

Lesnar still has to serve the remainder of a USADA issued suspension after a pair of failed drug tests in line with UFC 200.

"The Beast Incarnate" is coming back to the UFC. There were some recent reports indicating Lesnar may actually not work SummerSlam, though that seems incredibly unlikely given it is the second biggest WWE event of the year. "He's not going to do anything to piss Vince off".

The current storyline is that WWE and Lesnar have been unable to reach a contractual agreement on a title defense.

Since winning the Universal Championship from Goldberg at WrestleMania 33, Lesnar has only defended the belt six times (not including house show matches). The next time he is expected to wrestle is at SummerSlam at the Barclays Center on Aug.20.

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