The 6 Biggest New iPhone Features Apple Just Announced

The exterior of the building outside the Apple event at dusk with the logo superimposed over the outside wall of the structure and a banner hanging down over the main entrance

The exterior of the building outside the Apple event at dusk with the logo superimposed over the outside wall of the structure and a banner hanging down over the main entrance

There are plenty of new features and improvements to get excited about if you look beyond the technical jargon and tools that only developers care about.

Apple announced an improved Do Not Disturb feature, which includes a "Do not disturb during bedtime" setting, while users will also now be able to set time limits on individual apps. Why?

These are just some of the changes that Apple will be bringing to iOS 12. Learn even more from Apple's official iOS 12 preview here.

As good as performance upgrades and bug fixes are, the real fun is in the features.

The oldest supported iOS 12 device is the iPhone 5s. And iOS 12 will also recommend curtailing notifications from apps you don't often use.

This type of automation is incredible handy and a welcome addition to iOS. The UI raises up someone to a bigger window as they talk. Instead of opening the FaceTime app to make a call, you can join a FaceTime call directly from a group thread in Messages. No specific release date has been set yet save for a rough timeframe in the fall where it will most likely be released alongside the new iPhones. These animoji now support tongue detection as well, meaning that you can wag or stick out your tongue while in animal form now for added personality and expression, too.

"Here Apple is allowing users to see when tracking is enabled on a website - actually being able to visually see that with a prompt is breaking new ground". Once users are ready to go through their notifications, their iOS devices will ease them into the process. This is something Android users haven't had to suffer through in recent versions of the operating system, such as Android 8.0 Oreo.

One of the key features for iOS 12 is performance. Were you expecting more improvements from Apple?

'We're using advanced algorithms to make AR even more engaging and on-device intelligence to deliver faster ways to get things done using Siri'. If that's not the future. well, we'll just keep thinking.

ARKit 2 is moving things forward for augmented reality. Apple says the new version has improved face tracking and allows for multiple people, using a number of iPhones or iPads, to view the same AR experience. AR tools are coming as well.

Apple announced in January that it planned to rework its parental control features and how it can help people curb their iPhone cravings.

In order to help users take control of the time they spend interacting with their iOS devices, Apple has added some new features in iOS 12 including Screen Time, Activity Reports, App Limits and new Do Not Disturb and Notifications controls. Time limits for particular apps will also be available to users, and parents can set those time limits for their children. So, for example, if you are heading out to work in the morning (which is something you do frequently), then you can stack Siri to give you a weather update, traffic report, and then play some of your favourite music as soon as you say "Siri, I am going to work".

Apple is building on Animoji by introducing Memoji. They grow bigger whenever a person speaks or if the user double taps on the person they want to put front and centre. The goal is to eliminate distractions and notifications that may wind you up while you should be sleeping.

Apple is making Photos smarter.

WWDC viewers were offered a preview of tvOS 12, which includes Dolby Atmos audio and features that make the the Apple TV easier to access.

Siri will also be able to create routines for the first time, so it will be possible to automatically send a message to your friends or family when you start your journey home from work, for example.

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