Tesla to Roll Out Software with Self-Driving Focus

Rocket-powered Tesla Roadster may fly, Elon Musk says

Rocket-powered Tesla Roadster may fly, Elon Musk says

Autopilot resources, he said, had so far "rightly focused entirely on safety". The stock is also in the green in after-hours activity.

An add-on weight dubbed Autopilot Buddy can allow drivers to keep their hands off a Tesla Model S or Model X steering wheel for extended periods of time, and can help to disable warnings that prompt the driver to take back control of the auto. The automaker subsequently updated the system, replacing some of its hardware, as well as modifying its software.

Shortly thereafter, Musk noted that the "next gen Roadster will be absolutely out of this world" and that "for those who love to drive, there is no finer auto in history and we don't think there will be another".

Tesla will also reveal its new Supercharger later this year, with the technology being released before the year ends.

The idea is strongly supported by labor unions which has been trying to make inroads in the Tesla factory. The driver followed them until taking his hands off the wheel again.

According to Autopilot Buddy's website, it works on Model S and Model X and the company is developing one for the Model 3.

Among other factors, investigators are trying to determine how the car's camera, radar and ultrasonic sensors were working and what they were tracking.

In a 16-page response, Tesla said it already complies with California's strict workplace standards and said the state was unfairly singling it out, asserting "at a minimum, any procedures must be applied consistently to all companies that manufacture CVRP-eligible vehicles, including those that have manufacturing facilities located outside of California in jurisdictions with lesser labor standards". Musk twitted him saying that "That issue is better in latest Autopilot software rolling out now & fully fixed in August update as part of our long-awaited Tesla Version 9".

According to Telsa CEO Elon Musk, to improve the performance, the package option of forthcoming Telsa Roadster will include ten small rocket thrusters, which are arranged around the auto.

Musk gave a hint of what could be coming with V9 in a tweet responding to an owner's complaint that his Tesla had trouble in certain high-traffic merging situations.

Tesla has received criticism for how it has promoted the feature.

As to the benefits, Musk noted that "these rocket engines dramatically improve acceleration, top speed, braking & cornering". The status ends with "Maybe they will even allow a Tesla to fly". But there still some limitations and rules and regulations on self-driving vehicles while on public roads.

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