Soldier Dies In Kolkata Of Suspected Nipah Virus Infection

Soldier dies in Kolkata after spending a month in Kerala, Nipah virus suspected as cause of death

Soldier dies in Kolkata after spending a month in Kerala, Nipah virus suspected as cause of death

Rajesh hails from the neighbourhood next to where Ashique Mondal, another patient also admitted with Nipah virus there since May 28, stays.

Health officials have identified the bat-infested well in the house in Kozhikode district as the likely epicenter of the outbreak of Nipah virus in this country.

There is relief in Kerala that the infection did not spread into an outbreak and is now more or less under control. The NiV is related to the Hendra Virus and is caused by an RNA virus of the family Paramyxoviridae, genus Henipavirus. "In the past four decades, so-called "emerging diseases" have killed fewer than 20,000 people worldwide, and there is no more than unsubstantiated speculation for blaming even half of those deaths on bats", he added.

Characteristics that might increase the risk of person-to-person transmission would be a virus that has a stronger tendency to move to the respiratory tract in high numbers. It has been hard for the Kerala government to deal with NiV. That's why it's important to keep track of all the cases we know of now and the people they've come into contact with-and to limit their travel and make sure they receive treatment in a hospital.

There is no vaccine for the virus, which is spread through bodily fluids and can cause encephalitis, or inflammation of the brain, the World Health Organization says. It has co-evolved with fruit bats for years now.

The virus is transmitted by infected pigs or by fruit bats through their urine, faeces or saliva.

Both Nameer and Ekbal emphasize the need for better public health awareness and preparedness. Among this nearly 50 percent of the infected patients died. On the bottom left, you see a thin section EM image of a mature virus particle, and the bottom right image depicts a thin section EM image of nucleocapsids show adjacent to the plasma membrane of an infected cell. During any infection, personal hygiene is very important so people must change and wash their clothes every day.

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