Rodman Cries on Television After Trump-Kim Handshake

Dennis Rodman Lauds Trump as 'Greatest Negotiator' and Shares an Appropriate Gift He Gave North Korea

Dennis Rodman Lauds Trump as 'Greatest Negotiator' and Shares an Appropriate Gift He Gave North Korea

With President Donald Trump in Signapore for a one-on-one meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, CNN is obviously going to be covering that summit.

"It's a great day ..."

He appeared on television wearing a Trump supporters' "Make America Great Again" hat and a tee-shirt from his cryptocurrency sponsor. "I hope this is very serious", Rodman told The Post at the Regent Singapore hotel.

Reflecting on criticism to his past visits to North Korea, Rodman broke down in tears, saying he received death threats over his meetings with Kim.

"No it was just, it's a tough subject for me to always talk about because at the time I felt like I was so, I was backed in a corner at that particular time and no one helped me to try to say what I was trying to do in North Korea", Rodman said.

"Kim came to me and said, "Dennis, you know what, this is the first time someone's ever, ever kept their word to me and my country". I knew things were going to change. "And I've said to people all along, those people have never showed any animosity, any aggression, any antagonizing ways that have proved me wrong", he added.

"I took those bullets, I took all that, I took everything that everyone came at me and I'm still standing". Rodman is not at the summit in any official capacity, invited by neither the USA nor the North Korean delegations.

The former Chicago Bulls forward once called North Korea's Kim his "friend for life".

Rodman recalled speaking to then president Barack Obama about these conditions, but "Obama didn't even give me the time". Why do I feel like I just ran a marathon backwards? "I will go back to North Korea, I'm not anxious about that", he told The Post.

Rodman is one of the more unlikely side characters of the Trump era, thanks to his understandable friendship with the US president - and weird one with North Korean dictator.

The White House called Rodman Monday morning.

He famously went to North Korea in 2013 with the Harlem Globetrotters, returning twice more that year to hang out with Kim, who was a long time fan of the athlete. "If Trump goes there with his great heart, with his heart on the table, if he can let Kim see him really emotional, it will show that he's trustworthy as well", Rodman said, "It doesn't have to be about war, what happened in the past, about hatred, or how the future will be".

Trump called Kim a "talented man" and that "talks went better than expected".

Mr Trump said last week that Mr Rodman had not been invited to the summit.

White House officials have said Rodman will play no official role in the diplomatic negotiations.

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