Prey is getting new content updates today, VR DLC in summer

CREDIT Arkane Studios  Bethesda

CREDIT Arkane Studios Bethesda

The update, which will be available for all players and is called Mooncrash, will appear the next time you open the game. Shortly after the events of Prey, TranStar's secret moon base stops transmitting - and now it's up to Peter to find out why. This DLC will feature a similar concept to the Radiant Quest system developed for Skyrim, changing each run through of the TranStar secret moon base so that you never play the same thing twice. Every time players dive back in, the goals and loot will be different. "The further you go, the better the loot - and the better your chances for survival in your next spin through Mooncrash".

Prey: Mooncrash and the new update - containing Story, Survival and New Game+ modes - are both available now. All players will get a free update that offers two new difficulty modes.

Prey developers also announced an upcoming new multiplayer mode for the game called Typhon Hunter.

Today, Bethesda announced Prey will be receiving a bunch of new modes, updates and some new DLC at the 2018 Bethesda E3 2018 Press Conference to celebrate the game's anniversary. Typhon Hunter is "a tense game of hide-and-seek between a single survivor and five other players who stalk, hunt and hide in plain sight as shape-shifting Mimic aliens".

Prey is over a year old and it seemed mad that we still haven't had any major content releases for the detailed sci-fi immersive sim.

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