Ontario Steelworkers endorse Andrea Horwath and the NDP

Ontario Steelworkers endorse Andrea Horwath and the NDP

Ontario Steelworkers endorse Andrea Horwath and the NDP

Kathleen Wynne, premier of Ontario, speaks in Sault Ste.

NDP leader Andrea Horwath is urging people not to vote for the Liberals, saying it won't lead to a minority government, it will lead to a Progressive Conservative majority. This time, she said she planned to cast her ballot on June 7 for the NDP to try to keep Ford out of the premier's office.

Myer Siemiatycki, a politics professor at Ryerson University, said polling suggests a shift to the NDP away from the Liberals began unusually early this campaign given the "fear factor" around the Tories, who've been criticized for not detailing how they'd pay for their campaign promises. "I don't think we can actually say that", Wynne said.

Wynne herself, in a postmortem interview with Cynthia Mulligan of CityNews, said that she would stay on as MPP for her riding of Don Valley West if she wins it.

The premier of Canada's most populous province, Ontario, conceded defeat on Saturday ahead of next week's election, but called on voters to vote for her party anyway to keep the next government in check. Her faith in the Liberals was shaken and her vote will go to the NDP, she said. But the cuts, chaos and failure to deliver a long-promised, costed platform by Doug Ford's Conservatives make it obvious that there is a better choice on offer in this election. "What's worrisome is we have a leader who's trying to take the chair of the premier in this province and he's not being honest with people".

She won the NDP leadership in 2009 and since then has played the part of political chameleon, blurring her political stripes depending on what she perceived would win her the most seats.

However, in a statement of her own, Festeryga hopes that Ontarians wary of a Liberal government will now be able to focus on the party and not the leader in the campaign's waning days.

"It is a logical next step", she said.

"We need to do everything to make sure we get at least eight seats in the legislature.so we can be in a position again to be a moderating influence on the other two parties", he said.

On the first day of Toronto's Pride Month, and with just six days left in the provincial election, Doug Ford refused to say Friday whether he would march in the Pride Parade. It looks like we're not going to have a Liberal government.

Horwath, who also planned a campaign stop Friday in St. Catharines - another seemingly impregnable Liberal fortress - said she can sense the changed sentiment as she railed against both Wynne and Ford.

"Our steel and aluminum industries have just been slapped with steep tariffs by the U.S. Workers in these industries are under attack".

At this point, polls show there is less fear of an NDP government than a Tory one and this might push some potential Liberal voters to throw their support behind the New Democrats, he said.

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