New renders offer a tantalising glimpse at Apple's 2018 iPhone lineup

Apple's WWDC 2018 is here, and here's how to watch it

Apple's WWDC 2018 is here, and here's how to watch it

Using the new Siri Shortcuts app, iPhone owners can build customized actions for Siri to perform upon hearing a given command. The Apple Podcast app is also coming to the Apple Watch. With Downtime enabled, users can't receive notifications and won't be able to use any apps unless they designate them as Always Allowed, which overrides Downtime. Apple's adding a "walkie talkie" feature that lets you, well, use your Apple Watch to chat with friends like a walkie talkie (provided you have a Wi-Fi or cellular connection, that is).

And the headline announcement could be iOS 12 which will bring a swathe of upgrades to Apple's iPhones.

Developers and students attending the event will have access to more than 1,000 Apple engineers, giving them the latest details about the various APIs available to them, whether for SiriKit, HomeKit or HealthKit, etc. For example, Apple says that an iPhone 6 Plus running iOS 12 will get faster keyboard pop-up and faster app launches.

Users can then set time usage limits per app, giving them a notification if they reach a daily time usage limit. There is also a new Do Not Disturb during Bedtime mode to help people get a better night's sleep by dimming the display and hiding all notifications on the lock screen until prompted in the morning.

This feature will also hit close to home for users of popular automation tool Workflow, which allows users to create and launch lists of tasks for their phones to accomplish.

"With iOS 12, we're enabling new experiences that weren't possible before".

If you own a Mac there's could be some new features coming to your desktop with macOS nearly certain to get a refresh. One way it's doing this is with a Screen Time app that'll show you info like how long you've used your phone in a day, which apps you've used, and how often you pick up your iPhone. As the name suggests, it allows you to limit the time you spend on an app. Coming with the update are four new characters - a tiger, a koala, a T-Rex, and a ghost - as well as Memoji. Also cool: Live Animoji and Memoji are now supported in FaceTime.

This includes a new dynamic user interface which shows all callers in a group FaceTime video call as tiles which adjust in size and position, depending on who is talking.

But the biggest emoji news is a new option to create an Animoji that looks just like you.

Users of the iPhone X will be able to make personalised animated emojis, called MeMojis.

macOS is also going to be getting iOS-style security alerts and permission controls, making it easier for users to take charge of their system security and privacy - always a theme Apple is keen to come back to in its ongoing rivalry with Google.

What do you think about iOS 12?

Speaking of apps, there were rumours that Apple would announce iOS app support on macOS at WWDC 2018, but that didn't materialize.

At the Apple WWDC 2018, the company continued its ongoing assault against ad tech - for instance, last year's Safari update disabled autoplay on video and audio while Intelligent Tracking Prevention Webkit tool attempted to identify and block cookies on your browsers.

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