Movie Company Confused After Being Credited In Trump's Fake North Korea Trailer

Trump 'Felt Foolish' Engaging in Rhetoric With NKorea

Trump 'Felt Foolish' Engaging in Rhetoric With NKorea

While this was Kim Jong-un's first such meeting in front of a pool of photographers and worldwide journalists, he appeared to be very at east in the situation while both he and Donald Trump seemed to embrace the positive spirit of the moment.

Mr Trump insisted during the press conference which followed the summit, that he meant to invite Chairman Kim to meet with him at the White House in Washington, D.C., according to reports from North Korea's Central News Agency the leader has since accepted the invitation.

Mark Castaldo, the company's founder, spent Tuesday fending off calls and emails from people who wrongly thought he was behind the video.

"Woke up to 100's of e-mails and calls from all over the world".

Mr Trump discussed the contents of his and Chairman Kim's meeting and said that the North Korean leader fully understood that he had to denuclearise and that he "didn't fight it". A rep for the NSC did confirm the video originated with the NSC but wouldn't comment on the choice of wording.

"Destiny Pictures presents a story of opportunity. It just so happens there's a studio by that name in California".

"Leave it to this White House to fail to conduct basic due diligence".

Now we get the views from two people to whom we have turned many times throughout the previous year, first on threats between the USA and North Korea and now negotiations.

"The whole enterprise reeks of amateurism and comes off as an attempt to check the box on a harebrained idea that presumably originated in the oval office", Price added. It presents the meeting as a choice for Kim-offering him the chance of worldwide investment and resources, and asking whether he will become a "hero of his people".

The four-minute film, in the style of an action movie trailer, said it was produced by "Destiny Pictures", but has since been identified as the work of the US National Security Council.

When asked about the film at a press conference on Tuesday, Trump defended it as a masterstroke which he had sprung on Kim and his entourage.

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