Microsoft is reportedly acquiring GitHub

Microsoft reportedly in talks to acquire GitHub

Microsoft reportedly in talks to acquire GitHub

GitHub can be termed as the gold mine of talent, data, and resources.

The tools at GitHub are essential to various software developers. However, at 2015 GitHub's last valued was at $2 billion and after that, the company appeared fully committed to staying independent and pursuing an initial public offering. It wouldn't surprise me if it's vastly north of that figure. Getting the ownership of GitHub, Microsoft would have direct access to hundreds and millions of developers working at millions of various firms, and easily motivated to use Microsoft's cloud services and other products. The deal could be announced as early as Monday, Bloomberg reported. Over the years, the site has become the most important central developer community.

Even though the program stored on GitHub is ready, developers will have to download and make it work smoothly.

However, for Microsoft, the process may not be as easy as clicking the buy button.

Over on The Register, results of a poll suggest that people are less than keen on the idea of Microsoft snapping up GitHub. There is a possibility that Microsoft could integrate the platform into Visual Studio.

However, Github will be material to Microsoft with developers.

Financially and strategically Microsoft buying Github is basically a footnote. But Github won't be material to Microsoft financially.

It is not the first time that Microsoft expressed interest in purchasing GitHub. The acquisition would be an unexpected twist in the story of the popular code version control system, with GitHub the largest host of source code worldwide.

Nevertheless, it's not hard to find folks screaming about how Microsoft shouldn't own Github.

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